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Finding a good home to rent can be hard enough, especially when you require a pet allowed rental for you and your furry friend. You’ll find your rental opportunities will dramatically decrease when you have a pet, but it’s not impossible to find a rental that can suit both you and your pet’s needs. Pet approval is always at the discretion of the individual property owner. No pets are permitted to be on the property until the landlord has granted permission. Rental pet applications can be obtained from our Property Manager, our online form, or a PDF download. If you receive approval for a pet, the Property Manager will keep the approved records for the pet to be at the property. Having pets at the property will also mean at the end of your tenancy, you will need to arrange, pay, and supply a receipt for a pest spray.


Are you looking for a pet friendly apartment? Contact us for more tips on how to rent Townsville houses that are pet allowed rentals.


Tips for renting with pets

  • If a property isn’t advertised as pet-friendly, ask anyway. Landlords may allow pets for the right tenant.
  • Prepare a pet resume outlining training and references from past landlords and neighbours.
  • Offer to have carpets professionally cleaned once a year.
  • Be honest – don’t try and hide pets if they’re not allowed.
  • Seek professional help for behavioural problems such as barking or digging.


Need more information about renting with pets? Simply follow the steps below to complete a rental Pet Application form or contact us today.


Rental pet application forms

Open Property allow you the convenience of online applications or the choice of downloading a PDF document. Our online applications are designed to ensure your applications are processed in a timely and effective way. If you need assistance with the application process, we are only a phone call or email away. Contact us today.


If you’re planning on renting Townsville houses that are pet friendly, you will need to submit a rental pet application.


Online pet application form

Download & print pet application