Tips for vacating from rental

At the end of every tenancy, our Property Managers conduct a final inspection to ensure the property is left in the same condition as it was given to the tenants at the start of their lease. This is an important step in the vacate process, as it helps us determine how much, if not all, of the bond will be refunded to the vacating tenants. Our inspections always take general wear and tear into consideration, but we need to make sure that the property is presented in a reasonable condition to the next tenants. If for some reason we need to deduct from the bond, we will only take what is needed to bring the property up to this reasonable condition.


Planning on vacating from rental? There are some important vacate rental tips you should know. Contact Open Property for more information. Alternatively, if you’re looking to rent another property in the area, contact us for help.


Vacate rental guide – rent a property

To help you avoid any unnecessary bond deductions, we have come up with a few hints and tips to help ensure you pass your final inspection and make the process of moving out a smooth and stress-free experience. We have outlined in the checklist below areas that your Property Manager will always pay close attention to, as they are often most overlooked.

  • Contact your Property Manager and inform them that you’re ready to vacate
  • Complete a Notice of Intention to Leave 
  • Ensure all rent you owe is paid up to the vacating date
  • Inform your Property Manager of your new address and where we can contact you
  • Ensure your home and yard is clean, tidy and you have collected all of your belongings
  • Hand the keys to your Property Manager when you vacate rental

For more information on vacating your rental, visit


To assist you with vacating from your rental, we are only a phone call or email away. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have to make your vacate nice and easy.


Form 13 – Notice of Intention to Leave 

Open Property Vacate Checklist

Cleaning Checklist

Form 14A - Exit Condition Report