Importance of photography when renting your property and renting your house

Photography is a critical factor for marketing when you’re planning on renting your house. Professional photography highlights your property’s best features and helps you lease your property sooner. Our professional photographer has the equipment and more importantly, they know how to frame the shot and adjust the lighting to get the best results.


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Tips for rent my property photography – how to rent out your house

Before getting your investment property photographed, it is important that your home is prepared and ready to go, so that the photographer can spend the time getting great photos. Here are some simple tips and tricks for renting out your house photography.


  1. Get rid of clutter

Cluttered tables and shelving and kids’ rooms bursting with toys do not photograph well. Clutter takes up space, and space is what sells. Make your home look bigger and more desirable by editing down to just the basics. 


  1. Do a spring clean

A squeaky-clean home suggests to prospective tenants that the current tenants took good care of the property. If you’ve neglected certain tasks, like cleaning the walls or regularly dusting your blinds, now is the time to tackle them.


  1. De-personalise the space

One of the primary objectives of DIY home staging is to help prospective tenants visualise the space as their own. Start by removing any personal photos, making sure to take down both framed photos on walls and surfaces and anything that’s hanging on your fridge. Keep clothes stored away and out of sight, and clear bathroom counters of personal items.


  1. Don’t forget the outside

First impressions are crucial, so make sure that the outside is cleaned up. Start by mowing the lawn, removing clutter from the back yard, maintain the gardens and clear all cars from the driveway.


Once you’ve ticked off these items, you should be ready to go!


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Rent your property with Open Property’s rent my home photography services

The following photos are a true depiction of the properties that we have rented.

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